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Today's manufacturing jobs are high skill-high thinking!

Often times when you read the headlines about manufacturing job loss, the type of job is not defined. The term manufacturing is very far reaching, it really has come to include anyone that is part of creating anything material. When you read a headline that says “5,000 Manufacturing Jobs Heading for Mexico”, chances are they’re not referring to what would be called “high-skill, high-education/training” type jobs.
This is an important point to understand. We’ve drawn attention to the skilled-labor shortage in the U.S. a number of times here on CTP, because it’s a fact. It’s happening currently and it will continue to get worse…but don’t get confused, the typical manufacturing jobs in the U.S. are no longer going to the production style jobs. Manufacturing jobs in the U.S. continue to evolve into high-skill, thinking type jobs. This article illustrates the requirements needed to be competitive in today’s manufacturing job market. Manufacturing is rich with opportunity for those that know how to learn, and have a mindset of continuous-learning. Now is a great time to direct young people into manufacturing, but set them on a path of education first!
Thanks again to Ryan at Change the Perception for championing the cause of skilled manufacturing here in the US.
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