You could ask this woodworker why they put guards on his machines.

Why exactly did you take off the guards?
A better question would be “Why,  exactly did you take off the guards?”

The hazards are real.

Respect the horsepower and sharp edges of our steel tools.

No one should get hurt  to make something. Not at work. Not in our shops at home.

Machine guards are there for our protection.

We are  the reason for the guards.


Good luck with the skin graft…

Here is a safety lesson learned from one of my Facebook Friends.

So the lesson today is……Don’t take off the guard on the giant belt sander and then adjust the belt half off the guide and then duct tape it in place so you can grind that knife “Juuuuuuuus riiiight”

Another lesson is “PPE saves your eyesight.”

Faceshield and ANSI approved Safety Glasses

Thanks for sharing ScaryDave.