QinetiQ makes a line of “Throwable robots.”

Check out the video:


The Dragonrunner has multiple camera and payload options. While this robot is not used to maufacture  precision products like the big yellow ones we’re used to seeing in our shops,  this is an ideal embodiment of a robotic solution for reconnaissance and surveillance, and first-responder teams in hostile or life threatening conditions. Weighing in at around 10 pounds (depending on payload and equipment) the Dragonrunner is rugged enough to function in hostile environments and has the ability to climb stairs and handle “rugged dismounts-” Like throwing from the back of a speeding truck or upper story window.

We use robotic technology to reduce variation in our shop operations and to create highly efficient work cells combining different machine tools.

This one is not throwable...

But at the other end of the spectrum, Robots can be, well, Pretty AWESOME

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