PMPA member Aaron Bagshaw of W.H. Bagshaw  Co. Inc. served on the commission. We reported on this in our blog post here.
At that time, Aaron told us “It’s no longer about recognizing that we have a problem- it’s about finding ways to scale what works.”

Milstein Commission on New Manufacturing
Milstein Commission on New Manufacturing

We will be attending the release of this important report aimed at creating “actionable, non -partisan ways to create middle class manufacturing jobs.”
We are looking forward to finding out about the ways the commission has identified  to scale what works.
 Creating awareness of industry and promoting career opportunities  is one of PMPA’s four current strategic goals.
The report is also focused on “how to accelerate the innovative capacity of American manufacturing’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).”
We’ll be reporting from the Washington Release of this report.
With the Workforce Participation Rate at or near it historical low- “Now is the time!”