PMPA member company Precision Plus President Mike Reader posted two great videos on his blog last week.
Mike-Reader2Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, we thought we’d “flatter” Mike for his awesome taste in videos:
That was a view of precision manufacturing back then.
And here is a view of what is new in precision manufacturing these days:
It’s still about the craftsmanship.
It’s just that our technology today moves our “craft” to the right a few decimal places.
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PMPA member company Precision Plus in Elkhorn, Wisconsin is just one of many PMPA companies committed to changing the conversation about manufacturing careers and helping to give advanced manufacturing skills to our future workforce. Mike Reader,  President and CEO of Precision Plus, is devoted to leading the solution of our industry’s lack of skilled workers. By engaging the community. The schools. His suppliers. And Potential Employees.
If we are to develop the skilled workforce that we need, in order  to have a sustainable manufacturing industry, we need to change the conversation about careers in industry. Our friends, neighbors, community members and officials do not know about

Precision Plus was recently featured in their Regional Paper  in a story describing how their suppliers came together to provide advanced software and resources for their new training facility.

News coverage helps change the conversation
News coverage helps change the conversation

Showing our community that we are actually trying to help ourselves by providing training opportunities for our craftsmen is a great way to establish credibility and awareness on the issue of the need for skilled workers.
“Much of what Mike (Reader) is doing at his company here is promoting a connection between industry and education, which is long overdue,” said Steve Salter of Milwaukee School of Engineering and affiliate director of Project Lead the Way.
“Do as I do,” has always been more effective in leading than “Do as I say.”

What are YOU doing to change the conversation in your community?