Using less, not more, is often the best way. 

4 bullet points trumps 4 paragraphs.

Editing adds more value than just adding stuff.

Why should the consumer have to deal with extraneous materials or content?

In our shops, too many gages on the table slows down the operator, increases variability, and reduces output.

Over 25 million sold- no waste here.

When something is extremely popular, using as little as possible becomes the sustainable thing to do:

  1.  It maximizes profit.
  2.  Minimizes waste.
  3.  Reduces exposure to shortages of materials.
  4. Reduces the cost and burden of disposal.

Our industry is in the business of producing large numbers of components, so the threat of multiplication of waste or inefficiencies is very real for us.

It has been my observation that abundance (of stuff) can be a competitive disadvantage.

Extraneous tools, packing materials, supplies, gages, rags, dunnage, and other tangibles get in the way of the work and can distract the worker.

Can I do it with less?

Counting parts with scales is not rocket science.
But getting the accuracy in the count done efficiently is a challenge akin to a moonshot if you are the person that has to resolve the piece count discrepancy paperwork…



When accurate counts are critical

The first webinar is called Best Practice in Piece Counting.
It covers

  • Principle and benefits of piece counting with a scale
  • Application areas of piece counting solutions
  • Challenges associated with counting
  • Solutions and best practices

The second webinar Smart Weighing Solutions for Lean Production  will show you how to minimize waste using accurate scale based counting systems and Statistical Quality Control.  
The first half is a nice review of Mettler’s own lean journey in manufacturing.
The second half has a number of case studies regarding parts, shops, and customers like ours.
We see on time delivery and significant reduction in stock inventories as the primary advantages of using such systems.
 Plus you will save time and money.
We relied on Mettler technology in the labs that I worked in.
I’m forwarding you these links to maybe help you
Find a better weigh…
 Mettler Toledo offers two  free, on demand webinars that will help you understand  (and resolve) the issues of using scales to accurately count component parts.