Prices increased across the board on all metals that we track…


So when your customer wants a long term fixed price...

 Aluminum is up 9.16% December 2009 – December 2010. Average price was up 33% over the year.

Brass scrap up 34.29% since December 2009.  Average for year up~43%.


Copper 30.92% increase December 2009 –December 2010. Average for year up ~42%.


Nickel up 51.86% since December 2009. Average for year up 62%.


Steel busheling up 25.60% since December 2009. Average for year up 58%


China Coke down 27.45%, The only item we track lower  for the period.

 Raw material prices remain highly volatile, and are likely to remain so given global demand and supplier reticence to build inventory.
PMPA Members can get the full Raw Materials Impact report here: December 2010 Materials Impact