This post inspired by a comment from John at HyTek Manufacturing  in the Chicago suburbs who commented on our post The Most Important Tool.

What is the most important job in a company? In any organization?

What is absolutely the one thing that truly determines organizational success?

Ford says Quality is Job 1…

Is it Supervision? Operations? Accounting? Purchasing?

Each of these are core competencies without which a company can struggle and ultimately fail.

But what is the most important Job for the organization? Let me quote John:

“The strongest department or skill a company can have is the hiring department. Getting the right person for the job is the majority of the task. The most successful companies always hire the best people for the job. Ones that think and contribute, not just punch in and punch out thinking.”

I think John has this right.  Having the right people is key for any organization. After all the organization is those people and their attitudes, knowledge and abilities as demonstrated by their performance.

Thanks John, for leading this conversation.

But I would expand it just a bit.

The most important job in a company is the selection of employees, suppliers, and customers.

A failure at any of these spells trouble in operations, production, and sales.

What do you think about this?

What is the most important job at your company?

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