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In one word: “demographics.”
  Here are five reasons from Shirley A. Engelhardt, President and Founder of ORTHOWORLD Inc., a strategic services firm solely focused in orthopaedics, and Founder and Managing Member of Knowledge Ventures, LLC, an early stage musculoskeletal investment fund.
5 Reasons:
1) We’re getting older. 
2) We’re becoming more demanding, both mentally and physically.
3) We’re not taking such good care of our bodies, even at a young age.
4) We’re continuing to believe, at 40 or 50, that we’re still 25.
5) We’re prone to falls, accidents and other foibles of daily living (and always will be).
Shirley Englehardt has plenty of facts and data to back that up, and if you are in (or thinking about entering) the medical orthopedic parts market, the article  at the link below will be Gold for you.
Orthoworld article.
Thanks to Jeff Remaley at Orthoworld for sharing the great article.

Setting up and operating offshore manufacturing doesn’t save money on a total cost basis, but trying to do so may compromise quality, delivery and product development, which could otherwise provide real cost reduction and the pursuit of new high-profit opportunities, like mass customizing of products. 

Is the deciding factor really just low cost of labor?

Rather than weakening operations with the burdens of offshoring, local operations could pursue more effective cost reduction by designing low-cost products, eliminating waste through Lean Production, lowering the cost of quality and setting up flexible factories that could build standard products and mass-custom versions on-demand without the costs and risks of  carrying inventory.
This article in Orthoworld will give you 21 thinking points to understand why offshoring will actually work against your company’s  and customers’ best interests and bottom line.
21 Tools for better sensemaking.
Our job here at is to help you find “Tools You Can Use” to keep your medical shop competitive and sustainable.
We think getting you the ideas in this thoughtful article is best use of our blog today.