The  PMPA Business Trends Summary Report for 2013 shines an optimistic light on first quarter 2014 for our precision machining shops and for manufacturing in general.

Optimistic light on 2014 for precision machining.
Optimistic light on 2014 for precision machining.

The 3 month sentiment indicators for Sales Outlook, Lead Times, Employment and Profitability were all strongly positive according to our 92 respondents.
That will translate into a strong first quarter according to our experience.
And how was last month and last year for the precision machining industry?

  • Our sales index for  calendar year 2013  finished at 120, a new high
  • December 2013, finished above 100, first December ever above 100.
  • December 2013  was up 17% over December 2012.
  • And the variability of sales for 2013 all year was lowest we’ve calculated, with a standard deviation of just 7.23, compared to 2012’s 11.44 and 2008’s 13.8.

Our full report looks at some key markets’ prospects in the year ahead- Automotive Light Vehicle, Aerospace, Housing, Medical Devices and how they can impact our business in 2014.
Read the full report here.