Sometimes, you just have to leave it in the good hands of your trusted colleagues.

If I was there this year, my smile would be even wider.

I was on the schedule for this year’s PMPA National Technical Conference and Precision Machining Technology Show being held in Columbus now through Thursday. I had prepared a couple of presentations and was really looking forward to reconnecting with the people who make things– You!
Sometimes however, Life has other plans.
I’m happy to know that Bob Drab, a colleague of many years and THE product specialist on stainless at Schmolz + Bickenbach will be presenting my program on Material Sensemaking- Understanding Foreign Grade Designations. And that one of my fellow staff directors will be giving my presentation giving you a behind the scenes look at the TOOLS YOU CAN USE on PMPA’s website.
Precision Machining companies belong to the PMPA because they know the benefits of collaborating to solve problems. To share resources that perhaps each one needs but cannot afford on their own. To know that they have a network of knowledgeable industry professionals available to back them up when they run into a problem they haven’t seen before.
Just as companies in the PMPA back each other up by sharing resources, knowledge and solutions to solved problems, I have learned that staff and colleagues do the same for each other when the need arises.
I’d have given anything to be there with my ‘INDUSTRY’ in Columbus this week.  To see you. To listen to your ideas, answer your questions, hear your concerns, see new processes, meet old friends.
But it wasn’t in the cards.
Why, I’d rather  chauffeur Bob Drab around on a bicycle… than miss this event.
Id do about anything to be at PMTS

Sorry I’m not able to be there. While you’re there, say”Hi” for me to Bob Drab,  and my staff colleagues Monte, Rob, Mike, and Carla.
And please, somebody take some photos!

Our National Technical Conference and our Precision Machining TechnologyShow are soon to be here!

We'll be on the road again ourselves...

While PMPA staff are working on preparing handout materials, loading presentations and testing them on laptop computers, and some of us are still creating those powerpoints that WON’T put you to sleep, we are also tackling some other projects too.
I’ve just completed a program that takes a look at the tools you can use  on the PMPA’s website.
And I’m finalizing a technical session on understanding and interpreting foreign material grade designations.

  • For Steels, Stainless Steels, Aluminums, and Copper and Brass materials.
  • US, German, Japanese, some Chinese formats explained.

Maybe not as exciting as say, a  police stop and search of Mr. Nelson’s tour bus, but hey. 
This will be some critical information to your shop  as we see more and more foreign specification material.
Thursday I’ll be off to Seven Springs PA to judge an F-1 skills competition.
So if you get passed by a siver sedan  and you think that it looked like me, well, this week, you might be right.
It probably won’t be Mr. Nelson.
He usually travels by bus.