Speaking of manufacturing

 EMC Precision Machining, a fourth-generation, family-owned company that produces complex precision metal components for a diverse group of global customers, was a stop on President Barack Obama’s area tour today prior to his Town Hall Meeting at Lorain County Community College.
President Obama met with EMC Precision Machining CEO Jeffrey B. Ohlemacher and President Bradley R. Ohlemacher before touring the facility and meeting many of the company’s 44 full-time employees.
How we make things.

EMC is a 4th generation, 85 year young enterprise that has weathered the economic storm by continuing to invest in its people, systems, and assets, keeping its focus on the urgent machining needs of its customers.
Customers in industrial equipment, hydraulics, pneumatics, transportation, medical and aerospace and agricultural markets. EMC produce precision machined components that go into a wide range of applications, from putting glue on your cereal box, to critical hydraulics systems in helicopters.
We’re glad the president got to see first hand how people who make things, make things.  We’re glad that the Ohlemachers and employees at EMC Precision Machining were able to connect with the president, and share how their experience with continuous education and training, staying up to date with the latest technologies and investing in priorities has kept them competitive despite difficult times.
Thats a message to take back to Washington.
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