A Precision Machining Holiday Gift Suggestion: We’re certain that these  will be appreciated and appropriate regardless of the holiday that you celebrate. 

  1.  To your suppliers, an order.
  2. To your banker, forgiveness.
  3. To your QA people, respect.
  4. To your customers, Zero Defects and 100% on time.
  5. From your customers, payment according to terms. 
  6. To the people who call you up, delightful answers.
  7. To your local regulators, a passing nod.
  8.  To your congressmen and senators, one hell of a good explanation about what the heck it is that we do in manufacturing.
  9. To your employees, a sincere word of appreciation for all they have been through with you.
  10. To your supervisors, a good example.
  11. To your family, friends, and the people you love, your full attention when you are not at the shop.
  12. To your employer, good will.
  13. To your interns and apprentices, patience.
  14. To yourself, respect and satisfaction with having done your best.

And to the bureaucratic regulators in Washington, a good swift kick in the pants while wearing your work shoes comes to mind…

Season's greetings as appropriate.

Best wishes for the coming year from PMPASpeakingofprecision.