OK, I ‘ll admit I’m really a sucker for cool science demonstrations.
Just like the current administration is a sucker on  currency manipulation by the Chinese.
Sorry about that.

You can do this too- sort of.

So while you and I probably can’t afford to rent the high energy equipment the folks at Popular Science used for their video, you can get instructions  that  describe how you to can capture Lichtenberg patterns of static electricity. This   Pop Sci Site  tells you how to make cool lightning (static electricity) images using some plastic sheet, a nail, and your favorite source of static electricity :
Or as an alternative, you can shuffle your feet on dry shag carpeting.

I think it will be a great project for this winter when everything that I touch yields a spark to my touch.
Cat photo from static electricity blog here .
Send me your photos of your static electricity demonstrations and I’ll post them here.
Warning: Do not use the hammer and nail on the Cat!