Speaking of assembly…
 Last weekend I bought a table that my wife wanted, to replace the classic old drop leaf which had seen better days.

Picking up the carton, I was fascinated by the red ribbon that was strung out of the box itself and a few inches proudly waving around for all to see.

What's up with the Red Ribbon?

When I opened the carton, guess what was on the end of that ribbon?

The blister pack containing the nuts, washers, and assembly wrench.
Too bad I didn’t take the photo before I assembled the table…
What a splendid poka yoke. The red ribbon sticking out of the package was proof positive that the necessary blister pack was in fact in the carton.
No x rays or TSA groping needed.
That’s what I like about visuals.
Visuals are simple, elegant, and can save you a whole bunch of time (time=money).
Just by showing up, being red, and waving around.
How about you? 
Any elegant “visual solutions” that you have deployed to make a difference in your manufacturing, assembly or packaging operations?
P.S. She loves the table…