Our country has a long tradition of citizens standing up for what they thought was right, or against what they thought was wrong.

Our history books were replete with stories about the Boston Tea Party, the Stamp Act, impressment of American sailors into the British Navy.

Reading the Stamp Act


Thanks for your courage.

Civil War, Womens Suffrage.

During my teenage years I witnessed people taking to the streets to right wrongs,  to push for civil rights, and to protest the draft.

This is the Selma I’d like to remember

Joan Baez poster

This is the Selma I saw on the Evening News.
Tough times to be a teenager

Vietnam protest

I don’t remember ever seeing very much coverage of people going to work, stepping forward at the  armed forces recruiting station and swearing an oath to serve their country, but they did. And they still do.

R Day. West Point. A grateful nation thanks you, New Cadets!

West Point AOG

My family has some stories about this. About how my namesake, Miles Sr., joined the army cavalry back in WWI. Sounds dashing, but the assignment in the cavalry in those days for farm boys from Ohio was all about the barn, not about riding.

My father, Miles Jr., was first in his graduating class of 1942 to enlist in the Army. He got some great training at the New England Aircraft School and as ground crew chief was responsible for the maintenance of a number of B-17’s over Europe.

Thanks Dad.

My daughter, Emma, and her husband, are deployed in Europe with the U.S. Army where they command helicopter units.

I’ll bet your family has some stories like this too. I hope you share them this weekend. They are important ways to share your family’s values.

I got a pass.  I got a university deferrment. then I got a high draft number. No crazy asian war for me.

So, when they bring up the flag at the community band concert  this weekend, I’ll be the first to jump up (or try to be) to salute, not the flag that goes by, but the sacrifices and love gifts of all who have worn the uniform of  a U.S. Armed Service, who stepped forward and chose   “Duty, Honor, Country” instead of “What’s in it for me?”

I'll be on my feet.

Who made personal sacrifices, not to attack the enemy in front of them, but rather to assure the safety and well being of the families and friends behind them. And our way of life.

I thank those folks, for assuring that I have choices.

And on the 4th, this year, I’m going to  exercise my ability to choose.

I will choose to stand up for old Glory.

I will choose to thank the veterans I meet for their service.

And I will choose to respectfully listen to what it is that they have to say.

And I’m going to choose to grill a steak.

Happy Independence Day.

I choose to do this for  the sake of those brave souls in uniform who are out there eating something less than steak as they patrol and otherwise do their duty.

They wouldn’t have it any other way.