With 85 companies responding, the PMPA Business Trends Index in September 2016 remained even with August at 118, up ten points from the year’s low in July and up 4 points from the average for September for the past four years which was 114.  Last year’s September Sales index was 119, so we are down just one point from last year for September, and down just two points from the 2015 calendar year average of 121.

Even with August and 4 points above last four september's index average.
Even with August and 4 points above last four September’s Index average.

Opinions for the next three months compared to today:

  • Net Sales: The Sales Outlook remains level despite our approach into the usually lower sales months of the fourth quarter.
  • Lead Times: Overall outlook for Lead Times dropped considerably in this report, signaling open capacity foreseen in the next three months.
  • Employment: Prospects for employment are positive with NINETY-SIX PERCENT (96%) expecting level or increased opportunities for employment.
  • Profitability: Overall sentiment for profitability has remained level since May.