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The key to great management, I believe, is the ability to anticipate…

  1. To Connect. I am really looking forward to hearing what the folks I meet there have to say. To see what they have to show me. Connecting is a very personal way of LEARNING for me.
  2. To Sustain. Manufacturing remains a vital, if beseiged contributor to the vitality of the North American economies and our citizens. If it is to continue to help support our way of life, we need to know what the technologies and practices are that will sustain a vital manufacturing base here in North America. And with no disrespect to E-Bay, that probably means newest and latest technology.
  3. To Anticipate. I describe my job as being the “over the horizon radar guy” for the precision machining industry. What are the developing trends , and how will they impact our shops, our business plans, our business models. We have spotted electrification of automobiles, ephemeralization of mass in our parts, and the trend to less machinable but higher strength lower weight applications.
Over The Horizon Radar

Seeing the latest developments in our craft and available technology, and keeping a careful ear on what folks attending are saying will help me  help us all ANTICIPATE that which we will very soon be MANAGING.

Why do you go to IMTS?

I’ll bet it’s for a lot more reasons than to just buy equipment.

See you at West Hall Booth W-1943.



OTH Bangor


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