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Use of Electronic Devices

(Cell Phones, BlackBerrys, iPods, etc.)

Copyright 2013

Personal Cell Phones

Personal calls and text messaging during the workday can interfere with employee productivity and

be distracting to others. Therefore, you should limit the use of your personal cell phone to break and

meal periods. The Company will not be liable for the loss of personal cell phones brought into the

workplace. [Option: The use of personal cell phones during working time is prohibited. While

working, cell phones should be turned off and stored in your locker, purse or other area.]

Personal Use of Company-Provided Cell Phones

The Company may issue a business cell phone to an employee for work-related communications

only. If you use a business cell phone for personal calls, you are expected to reimburse the

Company for all costs incurred for the personal calls. Employees in possession of Company

equipment such as cell phones are expected to protect the equipment from loss, damage, or theft. If

a replacement is needed due to your negligence, you will have to pay for the replacement cost

of the new cell phone. Upon resignation or termination of employment, you will be asked to return

your Company cell phone. The cost to replace any phone not returned, unauthorized charges, or

any monies owed to the Company may be deducted from your final paycheck (to the extent

permitted by law).

Safety Issues for Cell Phone Use

Employees whose job responsibilities include driving and who are issued a cell phone for business

use are expected to refrain from using their phone (including text messaging) while driving. Safety

must come before all other concerns. If you are charged with traffic violations resulting from the use

of a cell phone while driving you will be solely responsible for all liabilities that result from such


Electronic Devices (BlackBerrys, MP3 players, iPods, etc.)

During work time, you are expected to have your full attention on your work and not on your

BlackBerrys, MP3s players, iPods or other electronic communication or music/gaming devices. Use

of electronic devices can interfere with your productivity, distract others and create unsafe working

conditions. You are asked to send text or email messages, or make any other personal

communications during non-work time and to advise your friends and family members of the

Company’s policy. The Company will not be liable for the loss of personal electronic devices brought

into the workplace.


For safety reasons, you may not, under any circumstance, use a cell phone, or other

electronic device, whether personal or Company-provided, while operating a vehicle,

machinery or equipment.