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Machinability and Manufacturing of Stainless Steel

Randy Kline & Ray Schnell from Valbruna Stainless Steel


Join Randy Kline and Ray Schnell, of Valbruna, as they introduce you to the manufacturing and machinability aspects of stainless steels. Randy will provide a technical overview on how stainless steels are melted, hot rolled, and cold finished to produce stainless steel bar products. Ray will provide you with an overview on the machinability of the four (4) basic families of stainless steels, i.e. Austenitic, Ferritic, Martensitic and Precipitation Hardening, with an introduction to the basic metallurgy involved with the production of stainless steels. In addition, he will review the various elements, and the processes, affecting machinability and provide some typical applications for each family.