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Verifyle Pro and Its Practical Uses For Security-Conscious PMPA Members


Learn how to put Verifyle’s ultra-secure messaging, document sharing and storage, and electronic signatures to use for your business. This proven and easy-to-use PMPA benefit will increase the security of your communications while raising your sense of awareness about what’s occurring on the receiving side of your communication. Get started at no-charge.





Presenter: Dana Shibley, Vice President

Dana Shibley has been involved with establishing and communicating frameworks for risk assessment and management since the beginning of his career. He began at Royal Bank of Canada where he worked with banks and corporations around the globe hedging financial interest rate risk and currency risk. Later, he wrestled with risk of a different flavor as he worked with technology companies in the protection and monetization of intellectual property, where risk-tradeoffs of potential and actual litigation around that intellectual property are constant strategic considerations.

Dana currently serves as Vice President for Verifyle, in Silicon Valley, which leverages patented encryption key management technology to isolate information risk at a granular level and stop the devastating bulk-access-vulnerability that threatens organizations and individuals today.

Dana holds an MBA from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.