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You are a shop owner or key employee attending IMTS this year. Congratulations. Manufacturing is enjoying a strong “bull phase” right now and it is a great time to plan improvements to your shop’s capabilities and services.

To help keep your piece of North American Manufacturing competitive.
To help keep your piece of North American Manufacturing competitive.

  • Of course you want to see the latest technology to add to your shop’s capabilities.
  • Of course you want to see your preferred vendors face to face, and find some that might become preferred vendors some day too.
  • Of course you’d like to find a bargain or two, for machine shop owners and anyone in Fab metal manufacturing, IMTS is really our “Disneyworld (TM).”
  • Of course you would like to catch up on industry happenings, and find out the latest and greatest.
  • Of course you would like to get some of your most vexing process questions answered.

One more reason to go to IMTS?
To find the  technology that will help you keep manufacturing here in North America by allowing your employees to operate at their highest and best use. And your equipment to have more time “in the cut.”
Finding a piece of equipment  or accessory that can be operated by a less skilled operator but still create high value is what I am talking about. Finding ways to do work simultaneously or in parallel while the tool is cutting is another.
Are your highest skilled people loading and unloading, or are they adding value? Can the loading and unloading be performed by the equipment itself? Does the tool need that adjustment on the machine, or can you get more production up time  with off-machine presetting?
Have fun at “Disneyworld ™.” Hope to see you there.

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