PMPA Business Trends March 2021


The PMPA March 2021 Business Trends Report showed an increase in Net Sales Indicator of 16.9 percent, to a new record high of 152. Interestingly, the hours of production scheduled increased just 0.6 hour or 1.4 percent.

64 percent of shops scheduled overtime in March. The Business Trends Sales Index outperformed  the Federal Reserve’s Total Industrial Production, and manufacturing production indicators for March. Quarter4 2020 to Quarter 1 2021 our Index rose 7.03% while the Fed reported Q4 2020 to Q1 2021 GDP to have increased 6.4% annualized.

The actual performance and forward looking sentiment of our responding shops continues to reinforce our positive outlook for business as long as we can obtain necessary raw materials and supplies.





Employers May Claim Tax Credit For Providing COVID-19 Vaccination Paid Leave, With Qualifications


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In an attempt to boost the nation’s COVID-19 vaccination rate, President Joe Biden announced yesterday that small- and medium-sized employers offering vaccine-related paid leave will be eligible for a significant tax credit. The tax credit will fully offset the cost of providing paid time off to employees not only to get inoculated but also for any time needed to recover from vaccination side
effects. As explained below, however, obtaining this tax credit is not entirely new, nor is it free of related requirements.



Your Employees Are Vaccinated – Now What?


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COVID-19 vaccinations passed the 200-million mark in the United States last week, which means certain workforces might have the majority of employees fully vaccinated. In recent months, we’ve discussed guidance from the EEOC and California’s DFEH regarding COVID-19 vaccine mandates, vaccine incentives, tracking employee vaccinations, and even vaccine passports. However, the
question remains — what measures can employers take once employees are vaccinated?

Other than input on requiring “proof” of vaccination, there is limited guidance on what employers may do or say about employees’ vaccination status. Consistent with other challenges employers have faced throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccinations in the workplace present new and unique privacy considerations. You must maintain a safe workplace while balancing the privacy interests of employees, customers, and the public. Below we tackle some of the vaccination-related questions
many employers are grappling with.



Workers’ COVID-19 Vaccine Reactions Might Be Recordable on Your OSHA 300 Logs


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If an employee has a reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine, do you need to record that illness on your 300 log? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently provided guidance on this issue, one that many employers have been contemplating since the COVID-19 vaccine became available. According to the agency in a series of answers to frequently asked questions, the key issue
in this analysis if whether you are requiring the vaccine or merely encouraging it.



Increasing Productivity by Eliminating Workholding Slippage

Andy Hixon & Drew Meier from Carbinite Metal Coatings


Clamping and gripping various components for machining and fabricating can often be an overlooked variable for improving production and maximizing profits. This webinar will demonstrate how Carbinite Metal Coatings’ textured tungsten-carbide coatings have been proven to increase the coefficient of friction, resulting in greater holding power and allowing you to increase feed rates, optimize production efficiency, and extend tool life. Carbinite coatings adhere to the base metal, creating a metallurgical bond that is guaranteed to not crack, chip, or peel.



CCAT Programs – April 2021


CCAT Programs for CT Manufacturing companies

  • CCAT is facilitating StanleyX’s DEEPHOW pilot projects this year, with cohorts starting again in May, July and October, with FREE access to this AI learning technology tool.  For more information or to apply go to CCAT’s DeepHow Pilot Program  
  • Free, online 180 Skills licenses are available to CT manufacturing companies – and ALL your employees. Flyer attached – new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion course!
    • Over 700+ courses available for CT manufacturing employees. Sign up online or reach out to Eileen to get your whole team registered for this free online learning!


Upcoming Industry 4.0 & Digital Technology Workshops ( And Funding to help you adapt many of the new technologies introduced in these workshops is available: 


    • On-Demand Technical Workshops – Available Anytime
      • Automation & Robotics
      • Additive Manufacturing
      • Internet of Things (IoT)
      • Big Data & Analytics
      • Digital Technologies


Money for Manufacturing Programs – MATCHING GRANT PROGRAMS, flyer attached or Money for Manufacturing to access

o   Connecticut Additive Manufacturing Adoption Program (AMAP) – NEW!

      • $100,000 to help infuse additive manufacturing technologies into your production environment.
        The window for accepting applications will run from April 1 to May 31, 2021.

o   Connecticut Manufacturing Innovation Fund Voucher Program (MVP)

      • $49,000 to conduct a project aimed at improving your manufacturing productivity, efficiency and competitiveness.

        Administered on a first-come first-served basis.

o   Connecticut Manufacturing IoT Integration Voucher Program (IVP)

$20,000 to assist with the implementation of IoT solutions on your manufacturing floor.Administered on a first-come first-served basis.


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