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CCAT Programs – April 2021


CCAT Programs for CT Manufacturing companies

  • CCAT is facilitating StanleyX’s DEEPHOW pilot projects this year, with cohorts starting again in May, July and October, with FREE access to this AI learning technology tool.  For more information or to apply go to CCAT’s DeepHow Pilot Program  
  • Free, online 180 Skills licenses are available to CT manufacturing companies – and ALL your employees. Flyer attached – new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion course!
    • Over 700+ courses available for CT manufacturing employees. Sign up online or reach out to Eileen to get your whole team registered for this free online learning!


Upcoming Industry 4.0 & Digital Technology Workshops ( And Funding to help you adapt many of the new technologies introduced in these workshops is available: 


    • On-Demand Technical Workshops – Available Anytime
      • Automation & Robotics
      • Additive Manufacturing
      • Internet of Things (IoT)
      • Big Data & Analytics
      • Digital Technologies


Money for Manufacturing Programs – MATCHING GRANT PROGRAMS, flyer attached or Money for Manufacturing to access

o   Connecticut Additive Manufacturing Adoption Program (AMAP) – NEW!

      • $100,000 to help infuse additive manufacturing technologies into your production environment.
        The window for accepting applications will run from April 1 to May 31, 2021.

o   Connecticut Manufacturing Innovation Fund Voucher Program (MVP)

      • $49,000 to conduct a project aimed at improving your manufacturing productivity, efficiency and competitiveness.

        Administered on a first-come first-served basis.

o   Connecticut Manufacturing IoT Integration Voucher Program (IVP)

$20,000 to assist with the implementation of IoT solutions on your manufacturing floor.Administered on a first-come first-served basis.


CCAT 180 Skills with DEI Course Graphic