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Roles of Women in Manufacturing Series: Shipping/Receiving in Manufacturing: Yahaira Bermudez, Ramona Campbell and Elizabeth Colin

Three women share their journeys to shipping/receiving in manufacturing, and give advice to anyone seeking a career in manufacturing.

by Carli Kistler-Miller

Director of Programs & Marketing, PMPA

Published November 1, 2023

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You can’t make the parts without bringing in the materials and tools, and you can’t make money on the parts without shipping them. Our shop’s shipping and receiving departments are critical to success.  

Yahaira Bermudez’s Journey
Walk into the shipping and receiving department of Somma Tool in Waterbury, Connecticut, and you’ll find Yahaira Bermudez picking and packing for orders, receiving and examining incoming shipments and assisting in some production. She tested different trades in high school and fell in love with precision machining.  She took the job at Somma Tool, likes the paperwork process and working with computers. Plus, Somma is training her for her dream job of machine operator and programmer.

Ramona Campbell’s Journey
Ramona Campbell serves as the shipping specialist at Precision Plus in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. She makes sure all the shipments are correct and sent with the proper paperwork. She enjoys that she can see all the different parts and appreciates that Precision Plus is allowing her to grow her skills.


Elizabeth Colin’s Journey

Elizabeth Collin was skeptical about taking the shipping and receiving position at Precision Plus in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, thinking that might not be the career path she wanted. But it turned out to be a great decision, because she now has shipping management duties and serves as the puchasing specialist assistant. She loves the opportunities afforded her in manufacturing.

Advice to Women (or Anyone) Seeking a Career in Manufacturing
When asked for advice for women — or anyone — seeking a fulfilling career, Yahaira states, “Gender should not define what your qualities are in this industry. You’re just as qualified as any other person in this role.” Ramona shares, “Don’t be afraid. Give it a try, especially when you like working with people is a good place to be.” And Elizabeth says, “Stop stereotyping yourself and instead seek adventure with new possibilities. Never be afraid and be open to challenges.”





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