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PMPA Speaking of Precision Podcasts:
Business/Continuous Improvement/Workforce

The list below of podcast resources for business/continuous improvement/workforce podcasts

Published November 1, 2022

  • How PMPA Helps Members Deal with Their Current Material Challenges
  • Considerations in Today’s Inflationary & Supply-Constrained Economy
  • Continuous Improvement: A Process for Eliminating Wasted Motion 
  • 4 Tips to Gain Employee Acceptance to Change
  • What NFL Teams, Gangs and Your Workforce Have in Common
  • What Can I Do Today to Make the Most Money for my Company?
  • Appreciation. Brought to you by PMPA’s August Business Trends Report 
  • Knowledge Retention: What’s Your Process?
  • What’s in a Name? Pride
  • Workforce is Still Our Most Important Challenge
  • A New Year Resolution For Your Business
  • Lean Your Customer List
  • SWOT for Employee Retention and Recruitment
  • Current Events, Issues & PMPA Responses
  • A Peek at Miles’ Monday Inbox
  • How Important Is Manufacturing in Our Economy?
  • PMPA’s Business Trends Reports
  • What Is Infrastructure?
  • Why I’m Optimistic — Without Using Data
  • Adding Value, Creating Value
  • Data Driven Management — Your Shop’s Profitability GPS
  • Three Commitments to Sustain Success
  • Are You Turning the Lights Out on Profitability?
  • What Isn’t Going Digital
  • Mailbag Edition 4: Business/Heat Treating
  • How to Fix American Manufacturing
  • Business Trend Indicators Proves Positive Economic Outlook
  • USMCA: What You Need To Know

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