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MARKET INSIGHT – Heavy-Duty Truck Manufacturing

NACIS 336120 | $31,374,128,000

by Joe Jackson

Marketing & Events Assistant, PMPA

Published November 1, 2022

From 2016 to 2021, the global market for heavy-duty truck manufacturing products has shown a slow but steady decline on an average of 3% per year.


Top 5 Companies

  1. Paccar Inc., WA
  2. Navistar International Corp., IL
  3. Spartan Motors USA Inc., MI
  4. Pierce M 4 Manufacturing Inc., WI
  5. Mack Trucks Inc., NC


  • The precision machined products manufacturing industry sales are 66% of the heavy-duty truck manufacturing industry’s sales.
  • If this industry’s spend is 7% of precision machined products output (which was the case in 2012), that would equate to $1.5 billion in sales opportunity in NAICS 336120 for our precision machining shops.
  • The heavy-duty truck manufacturing industry is one our most concentrated markets served. Of the 131 companies verified in this NAICS Code, the top 5
    companies make up 84% of the sales in this industry.
  • The heavy-duty truck manufacturing industry spends roughly $22 billion on materials, components, supplies, minerals and machinery.
  • The parts that our precision machining shops manufacture provide essential functionality and performance in critical fuel, braking, steering, safety, emissions control and other systems.


Source: U.S. Census,,, PMPA Market Report


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Joe Jackson

Marketing & Events Assistant, PMPA

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