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Lena ******** sent me an invitation to connect on LinkedIn 3 days ago!

If you can't be honest about who you are, What can you be honest about?
If you can’t be honest about who you are, What can you be honest about?

That Lena is a beautiful looking gal. I wonder why she wants to connect with me?

When I googled  Lena *******, I discovered that the name is a composite of the names of two cursed lovers in a fan fiction series.

It turns out that Lena is a the LinkedIn “disguise” of an Indian IT company with a sales office somewhere in the Southern U.S. (I am not sharing their identity, why give them the publicity?)

And despite her great looking photo,  her use of the English language on what seems to be a company LinkedIn page (and her indecisiveness as to whether she is an “I” or  a “we”) suggest to me that this company is a fraudster.

Or that they hire based on looks rather than ability to write clearly.

Maybe they are trying too hard to adapt to business here in the U.S., and not quite getting the culture thing right.

Either way- its a Fail. 

If you have to hide behind a photo of a model instead of being proud of who you genuinely are, don’t ask to connect with me.

Do you have an image on your LinkedIn Profile? What does it say about you? If you don’t, what does that say?

What about your brand? Are you operating under a disguise online? Or are you being genuine?

Be who you are.

If you can’t be honest  about who you are, what can you be honest about?

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