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MARKET INSIGHT – Ammunition Manufacturing

NACIS 332993 | $3,214,252,000

by Joe Jackson

Marketing & Events Assistant, PMPA

Published April 1, 2022

This industry is primarily engaged in manufacturing ammunition products such as bombs, depth charges, rockets, grenades, mines and torpedoes. The precise, advanced and high-quality parts necessary for the ammunition manufacturing industry are produced by our industry by using precision turning technology.


Top 5 Companies

  1. Vista Outdoor Inc., TX
  2. General Dynamics Ordnance, FL
  3. Textron Systems Corp., MA
  4. Amtec Corp., WI
  5. Kaman Precision Products Inc., FL


  • The ammunition manufacturing industry is extremely concentrated. With only 10 companies verified in the specific NAICS Code, the top company alone makes up 64% of sales in this industry.
  • If precision machining products are only 1% of this industry’s spending, that would equate to $48.2 million in sales opportunity in NAICS 332993 for our precision machining shops.
  • The parts that our precision machining shops manufacture provide reliable and essential functionality to the accuracy, precision and functionality to the mission critical products of ammunition manufacturing industry.
  • The ammunition manufacturing industry is also geographically concentrated. Two of the top five companies in this NAICS code are in Florida.
  • The ammunition manufacturing industry spends roughly $482 million on materials, components, supplies, minerals and machinery.
  • Precision machined products manufacturing sales are more than 6.5 times that of the ammunition manufacturing industry.


Source: U.S. Census,


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Marketing & Events Assistant, PMPA

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