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PMPA Business Trends June 2022

The PMPA Business Trends Index increased from 167 in May, to 175 in June-  increasing eight points or 4.8 percent, our index’s second highest value ever. It is up 27 points or 18 percent from June a year ago. PMPA’s Business Trends June sales increase dramatically outpaced the broader manufacturing sector’s two-month decline. Our Sales Index’s continued strong performance is likely a reflection of higher transaction prices across the value chain. Achieving our second highest level of sales- ever- was totally unexpected in June, indicating the urgency for critical components as global supply chains fail to maintain promised deliveries. This makes our ability to deliver parts “business saving” to our OEM customers.

All of our sentiment indicators pivoted in a negative direction, which is not unexpected as we are at record and sustained levels of sales and overtime.

The data continue to show a strong year for our shops’ sales, despite the challenges that we face in the overall economy.  The combination of all factors discussed in this report makes a strong case that demand and sales of our products are at or near a peak.

If you are not currently participating in PMPA’s Monthly Business Trends reporting, you are missing an excellent peer benchmark and a tool to provide you with confidence for your business decisions. Contact Veronica Durden to sign up.