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PMPA Business Trends June 2023


The PMPA June Business Trends Report  shows that precision manufacturing continues to operate at a strong level of activity,  up 3.3 percent from last month and with outlook remaining level for the next three months for sales and profitability. Prospects for employment increased in June, and our shops continue to strongly outperform Macroeconomic indicators such as PMI, Industrial Production, and Manufacturing Output. PMPA’s monthly index at 155 would have been the second highest level ever for our sales had it occurred prior to last year.  Sales are on track year to date to come in squarely between 2021 and 2022 levels of sales. These are the good old days…

If you are not currently participating in PMPA’s Monthly Business Trends reporting, you are missing an excellent peer benchmark and a tool to provide you with confidence for your business decisions. Contact Veronica Durden to sign up.