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Northeast Advanced Manufacturing Consortium


The Northeast Advanced Manufacturing Consortium (NAMC) started as an initiative among four workforce investment board directors to form a partnership among industry, academia, and workforce development established to promote sustained support for manufacturing within the Northeast of Massachusetts. Northeast manufacturers are world-class companies that are an essential part of the state’s innovation economy. Manufacturing has a legacy in the Northeast of Massachusetts and we seek to advocate for a thriving advanced manufacturing industry. We have brought together a coalition of private and public entities to leverage funding and develop programming to meet our goals. NAMC also supports youth outreach to create interest in manufacturing careers and the development of training programming.


NAMC works to develop the regional workforce pipeline that will provide the skilled employees necessary for advanced manufacturing to remain globally competitive, long into the future. To this end, the consortium leverages a wealth of local, state, and national resources, which include:

  • A diverse and motivated talent pool from world-class universities, community colleges, and vocational technical schools

  • Identify well-defined entry points and career pathways at manufacturing companies

  • Support the development of certificate programs at community colleges and vocational technical schools

  • Promote STEM, AMP it Up!, and other programs to attract top students into the training pipeline

  • Develop advanced manufacturing occupational training programs

  • Partner with companies to create and provide funding assistance for Registered Apprenticeships