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One of the reasons I blog is for “Knowledge Retention.” I want to be sure that the stuff I know and take for granted makes the cut into the electronic realm.

In 5o years or so (the apparent limit of paper’s routine usefulness in my experience) the out of print books with the stuff that I practice will be pretty much lost.

These won't be kept around as "useful."

We think we are living in an information age. Actually, the books that those of us over 50 learned from will be mostly lost, and we will be considered by history to have lived in the last “Dark Age.”

So my blogging is my “Project Gutenberg” for Metallurgy, Machining, Management and this Moment in time in our Market.

What knowledge do you (your people) have that will be lost when you (they) leave? What is your plan for assuring it is not lost?

Disney had a plan. Jobs had a plan.

What’s your plan?

Mine is speakingofprecision.

2 thoughts on “Speaking of Gutenberg

  1. David Miller says:

    After reading your article, and surfing the web for anything concerning centerless grinding, I’ve found nothing on helping people who want to have a better understanding of this machine tool.
    You are correct in speaking of the loss of knowledge through the internet age, and those of us over 50 need to pass along a lifetime of learning. You’ve convinced me, starting my own blog for centerless grinding would be a wonderful idea.
    Some would say, why give away what you’ve worked so hard to learn and understand. I would tell them that I have a lifetime of experience in centerless and know of no book or manual that can replace what we have learned over the decades. If the knowledge of this machine tool is not passed along, it truely will become the BLACK ART of grinding.

    David Miller

  2. speakingofprecision says:

    David, We are pleased that you will be blogging about Centerless Grinding. We will be happy to direct folks to your blog once you have it set up and will repost your content occassionally to help you get the word out to a broader audience. I will contact you via email to share my blogging experience if you like. Thanks for sharing!

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