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STATE OF MANUFACTURING – California Manufacturing

by Joe Jackson

Marketing & Events Assistant, PMPA

Published March 1, 2023

Fabricated Metal Products Manufacturing is a subsector of manufacturing that makes critical goods from metal components.

Precision Turned Products Manufacturing is a subsector of fabricated metal product manufacturing that makes the components that MAKE IT WORK!


Annual Economic Output

California Manufacturing
NAICS 31-33

Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing

Precision Turned Product Manufacturing
NACIS 332721


Manufacturing Is Productivity – 10.36% of California’s total economic output

Manufacturing Builds Businesses 24,304 – manufacturing establishments in the state of California

Manufacturing Creates Jobs – 8% of the all California employees are in the manufacturing sector. (1.5 million employees)

Manufacturing Earns Export Dollars – California manufactured goods exports were valued at $133.75 Billion.

Manufacturing is Impact – California accounts for 14.5% of the U.S. total manufacturing output.


Manufacturing produces for California!

  • Manufacturing is the 2nd largest industry 
  • Manufacturing is the 2nd largest source of GDP in California.
  • Manufacturing is a major source of growth in California. In 2021, they recorded a 17% job growth rate in the manufacturing sector alone.


California is a great place for a manufacturing career.

  • Manufacturing jobs pay on average 24% over the average jobs in California with an average salary of $112,381 per year.

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Data selected to show relative values. May not be directly comparable due to differences in sampling, analysis, or date obtained.


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Marketing & Events Assistant, PMPA

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