This is our 100th blog post!

100 Posts! Over 20,000 views. That's Speakingofprecision!

Since we went live last August, we’ve had over 20,000 page views of our material.
We’ve seen it translated into different languages courtesy of Google.
And we’ve started to see a few comments.
Which is what we wanted to create, an ongoing conversation about the things that are important to all of us as machining professionals, entrepreneurs, citizens, and caring professionals.
In order to celebrate our 100th blog post, we’re sharing with you a free ebook.
Its 86 easy to read pages to motivate, challenge, educate, and incite you.
My favorites (and probably yours) are pages 15,16, and 20.
Pages 21, 22, and 25 are pretty powerful stuff, too.
Which of these are your favorites? Which inspired you to “do?”
Happy 100th post!
Thanks for sharing your eyes. And your attention.
It continues to be our pleasure to keep-