Written by Dr. Frank Gryna, coauthor  (with Juran) of the first four editions of Juran’s Quality Control Handbook.
His most recent book, Work Overload-Redesign the Work, was published by ASQ Quality Press.
In this free e- book,  Dr. Gyrna posits that  much of work overload is due to the waste and the inherent ineffectiveness found in most every position. Gryna maintains that overload is a failure in the design of the work, not the worker.
ASQ is offering you this title as an e-book free of charge, just by registering here.
I was always a believer that we should look first at the system, not the employee, and both Drs’ Juran and Gryna have made that point effectively throughout their life work. If you want to get a look at job burnout through the lens of “lean” but through the experience of a respected quality veteran,  get this free ebook.

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