It's more than a slogan on a sign.
It's more than a slogan on a sign.

How do I start a 5-S program?
How do I get my 5-S program back on track?
The best way to do 5-S is to understand that the area where the man and the machine interact is the absolutely most valuable real estate on the planet.
Go to that place and ask: “Why is this here?” about any- and every- thing that is there.

  1. Why is this here?
  2. Will it be used this hour?
  3. Will it be used this shift?
  4. Will it be used today?
  5. Why is this here? 

In an office environment, only the names of the machines are different.
When you have completed this for all of your workstations come back and we’ll give you some more ideas about eliminating other less urgent wastes.
PMPA members  with user name and password can download the  6/01/2005 BI Report: Lean Setup 5-S Case Study (Micron Manufacturing) here.