My contributions were recognized, valued, celebrated. So that’s what its like to be part of a team…
Our fivesome finished 6 under par.

Who invited the guy in the pink shirt?
Who invited the guy in the pink shirt?

With me on it! Yes it was a scramble. Yes I was charitably given a 40 handicap. Uhh-huh, I’m the guy in the pink shirt.
My fellow golfers were better at driving. Chipping. Putting. Drinking. Especially drinking! But that’s okay. We used a couple of my drives.
My goal from the back tees, was to put the ball in the air farther than the front tees. I often succeeded. And a couple of times, I really succeeded. Those shots were celebrated. I no longer felt like I wasn’t contributing. And we used one or two of them.
My goal, on the chip shots, was to follow through, and keep my head down. A couple times it worked. We actually used some of my chips. I felt like I was part of the team.
On putts, I was usually the first or second guy to putt. Why not use my putt as “sacrifice” to the G-d of the Lay of the Green? That allowed the better players to calibrate their putts.  (Kind of like we do at PMPA for our member shops- always looking ahead to help you determine what lies ahead). Even the worst putter in the group (me?) had an important job to do.
We finished 6 under par. If I hadn’t been there, maybe they would have done better. Maybe not. But I will tell you, the guys in my fivesome made my day, and reinforced  for all of us the lessons of what is important when you are on a team.

  1. It’s important to contribute.
  2. It’s important to recognize everyone’s contributions.
  3. It’s important that everyone knows that their contributions are valued.

I’m not a golfer. But at Vanamatic’s 2009 Hacker’s Open, I was a member of a team.
It felt great. Thanks Chip Strawbridge, Mike Mishler, Aaron Pollock, and Scott Wiltsie.
Yay Team.