From Jay Timmons, President  and CEO, National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), at President’s Council on Jobs and Effectiveness, Regulatory Reform Working Group, June 15, 2011:
“In a time of economic recovery where capital is scarce, every dollar diverted from productive use creates additional pressure to reduce labor costs. When the prices of commodities and other manufacturing inputs are increasing, as they are today, even more pressure builds to squeeze labor costs. In this environment, it is clear that unnecessary or cost-ineffective regulation dampens economic growth and will continue to hold down job creation. For some firms, this will be the final straw that destroys the whole business.”
Thank you Jay, our sentiments exactly.
PMPA is at this Regulatory Reform Subcommittee Meeting to assure attention is paid to the regulations that hamper our precision machining members’ ability to operate sensibly and sustainably.
Link to NAM Manufacturing Strategy for Jobs and Competitiveness