Congressman David Joyce toured PMPA member company JM Performance Products, Inc.  to see how  district manufacturing jobs create value for the entire country and how important STEM is to Manufacturing.

CEO John Stoneback and Congressman David Joyce in the Shop at JM Performance Products, Inc.
CEO John Stoneback and Congressman David Joyce in the shop at JM Performance Products, Inc.

The high torque patented toolholder retention knob product produced by the team at JM Performance, Inc. can help companies that do CNC Milling save on energy, tooling expense, downtime for setups and troubleshooting, and also significantly improve product finish.
JM Retention knob
Congressman Joyce discussed the importance of innovations like this to help keep American companies competitive in Manufacturing.
From left, Congressman David Joyce, Miles Free, PMPA, Roger Sustar AWT, And John Stoneback, JM Performance Products, Inc.
From left, Congressman David Joyce; Miles Free- PMPA; Roger Sustar- AWT; and John Stoneback, JM Performance Products, Inc.

With all the bad news out of Washington these days, it was my pleasure to see Congressman David Joyce reach out to the team at JM Performance Products, Inc. to get a sense of how Manufacturing creates value and jobs and helps other companies save time, money and energy.
Does your congressman understand the value of Manufacturing? Why don’t you invite them to visit your shop to see for them self  the value and jobs  that your and your team create in your shop? 

The competitive advantage of our shops is the talent and tribal knowledge of our skilled craftsmen and women.

Continuing the education of our top talent is a priority at PMPA’s 2013 National Technical Conference April 14-16 2013.

Certificates will be awarded to attendees of our three certification workshops

  • Gaining Confidence with GD&T
  • CNC Programming Workshop- Macro programming
  • Metallurgy for Machinists

If you want Blah Blah Blah, I suggest you check out Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog here

If however you are interested in advancing the skills, capability, and talent of your people, we can’t think of a more effective way than to bring them to our NTC.

Develop your talent with PMPA's Three Certification Workshops
Develop your talent with PMPA’s Three Certification Workshops

Gary Griffith of Griffith Training has been a highly rated speaker  as well as authority in GD&T at past NTC’s.

Dan Murphy and Ron Gainer of REM Sales  will lead the Macro programming workshop.

Kevin Armanie from Kaiser Aluminum, Bob Drab from Corey Steel and yours truly Miles Free will present the Metallurgy for Machinists session.

Hope to see you, and more importantly, your best people at our NTC in Columbus.

Speakers and sessions