Without a process for reviewing a job after completion, our shops are doomed to make the same mistakes the next time…

Does your shop have a regular interdepartmental post job review meeting to eliminate issues and drive continuous improvement?

One of the best aspects of social media- blogging and LinkedIn- is the follow up and connections  in response to what is posted.

I continue to be impressed by the quality of the comments and conversations on LinkedIn as a result of my posts.

My recent post regarding quoting- Two Most Important Aspects of Quoting elicited this  comment from Michael Unmann  in the Wire-Net LinkedIn group:

“And how about closing the loop? You need to have a post job review with the estimating dept to make sure the quote was accurate and if it wasn’t why wasn’t it and what will you do next quote so it doesn’t happen again.”

Thank you Michael, we couldn’t agree more.

Does YOUR SHOP have an interdepartmental  post job review process to address issues with the process and improve it going forward?

Is it real or just proforma?

What are the best lessons you have learned from your post job review debriefing?

Thanks again to Michael Unmann for taking the conversation to the next level.

Thanks to Potomac Testing for the photo of an interdepartmental meeting.

This social media / networking stuff is new to all of us, so here are seven tips from Bernard Martin on how to optimize your profile on LinkedIn.

  • Fill in all the blanks.
  • Connect to everyone that you know.
  • Make sure that you are “open”to connect.
  • Develop a department level outline for Linked In Profiles, Settings, (URL’s and Links).
  • Define “Who” Targets “Whom.”
  • Leverage your company’s connections at “individual” level.
  • Create / develop your company profile. 

Bernard Martin is President of Rapid Production Marketing and is active contributor on many LinkedIn groups in the manufacturing space.

Bernard Martin IMTSedu Linked In Session

He is frighteningly active on Twitter @rpmconsultants .

He has always advanced the conversation when he has contributed to discussions in which I was involved.

I think that these 7 takeaways were  worth the time I took away from walking the exhibits at IMTS. Your LinkedIn profile is important because this is how you are seen online professionally these days.

How you are seen by your colleagues, employer, competitors, and customers.

What tips do you have for effectively using your LinkedIn Resources?