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Every one has a To Do List. Calibrate the gages, do the safety Audit, check the grinders , prepare for performance reviews.  But what about a “To  Don’t List?”

What else should be on your To Don't List?
What else should be on your To Don’t List?

I was having a great conversation with a PMPA member about the need for editing in our shops- whose job is it to decide it is time to fire (edit) unprofitable customers? for example-  when they mentioned in passing that something was on their To Don’t list.

I was on that new idea like a guy in the bleachers on hot dogs  on $1 hot dog night.

I was on it like ...
I was on it like …

We all maintain lists- To Do Lists-  on scraps of paper,  special forms, our cell phones and tablets, on apps… Yes, there is an app for that… including one aptly called, Anxiety

But who among us maintains a list of what we should not be doing?

Do you have a To Don’t List? What is on it that you can share?


Oh, and if you have a minute, check out the To Don’t List Blog

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Hot dog eating



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