“This month’s 112 value is 37 points or 49.33% higher than the 2009 Calendar year average of 75 during the Great Recession.  We’re doing alright!”

PMPA Business Trends Sales Recovered in June graph
PMPA Business Trends Sales Index for June 2020 recovers to 112, up 33% over April 2020 Calendar year low!

PMPA Business Trends Sales Index for June 2020 recovers to 112, up 33% over April 2020 Calendar year low!
All forward looking sentiment indicators for Sales, Lead Times, Employment and Profitability were also positive for the second consecutive month
Our respondents’ data showed that we outperformed the FED’s IP and Manufacturing indicators by a large margin.
We are in a far better place this time around then we were during the Great Recession. ( Our Shops’s Sales are currently 49% higher than the Great Recession low)
These difficult times may just be the beginning of the best thing that has happened in manufacturing, as foreign supply chains continue to prove unreliable, and our shops and essential workers step in to fill the need for critical components.

Broaching on a CNC Lathe

Larry Greenawalt from Eurotech


One operation seen on many turned parts today is broaching. Traditionally broaching has been regarded as a secondary operation that was typically performed on a broaching machine with special broaching tools. Depending on the industry, much of this type of broaching is still being done in this manner. For instance, in the automotive sector, almost all broaching is done by large expensive automatic broaching machines with specially designed broaching tools that can produce the broaching at very high speed and short cycles. Broaching on a CNC Lathe will be presented by Eurotech’s own Larry Greenawalt.



Machinability and Manufacturing of Stainless Steel

Randy Kline & Ray Schnell from Valbruna Stainless Steel


Join Randy Kline and Ray Schnell, of Valbruna, as they introduce you to the manufacturing and machinability aspects of stainless steels. Randy will provide a technical overview on how stainless steels are melted, hot rolled, and cold finished to produce stainless steel bar products. Ray will provide you with an overview on the machinability of the four (4) basic families of stainless steels, i.e. Austenitic, Ferritic, Martensitic and Precipitation Hardening, with an introduction to the basic metallurgy involved with the production of stainless steels. In addition, he will review the various elements, and the processes, affecting machinability and provide some typical applications for each family.



Released July 14, 2020.   

Miles Free & Carli Kistler-Miller extensively discuss the importance of the Federal Government’s Spring 2020 Regulatory Agenda and how it related to our industry and PMPA Members. Part two contains information on the Department of Labor and OSHA sections of the agenda.

For Information on the NRLB and EPA sections of the agenda please refer to Part 1 of this podcast.

Why Should We Consider Manufacturing Analytics/IIoT

Kevin Jones from Ectobox


Help machine shops understand IIoT / Manufacturing Analytics and the potential solutions enough to make a determination of whether they should seriously consider IIoT or not. Manufacturing is moving towards needing to be more data driven to compete. However, companies struggle to understand if IIoT solutions make sense for them, can be successful, are affordable, and want to look for alternatives if available. They have also already been bombarded by IoT marketing fluff and a lot of stories of failed IoT projects. Our approach is to be transparent about the solutions, their value, and the options. We don’t get into the big, high‐minded ideas of Industry 4.0/Smart Manufacturing or the IoT hype. That’s been overdone already. Let’s get real.