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The PMPA Business Trends Report for February 2014 has just been released.

“The PMPA Business Trends Index for February 2014 declined to 118, down about 6%, consistent with seasonal pattern, and down just 4 points from February 2013, and down just 2 points from Average for calendar year 2013.”

Strong showing, for February - normal month to month variability.
Strong showing, for February – normal month to month variability.

The February 2014 PMPA Business Trends Report shows that our precision machining industry is maintaining strong sales (with expected monthly variability) and positive prospects going into calendar year 2014. Positive levels of hours worked, shipments, lead time and profitability are great omens for our industry in the quarter ahead. Our indicators show strong prospects for the balance of first quarter 2014.

All indications are positive for the precision machining industry for the next three months according to our survey and reporting.

What are YOU doing to take advantage of this positive sentiment?

Full report can be found on our website here

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