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PMPA New Affinity Partner – Verifyle


PMPA continues to seek out partner companies which will bring complementary service at a good value to your work.


Digital security is a fast-growing issue in our industry, of concern to all of us. When it comes to your company’s sensitive information, standard internet security simply isn’t good enough anymore.


Please allow me to introduce to you our latest affinity partner: Verifyle. You may have had the opportunity to meet Dana Shibley, Vice-President of Verifyle, at our PMTS booth last month.


Verifyle offers an ultra-secure way to store and share documents and messages with others, and it’s extremely easy to use. Each conversation, document and note is encrypted separately. Everything in your account is encrypted at all times, accessible only to you and those with whom you wish to share.


Give it a try! As a PMPA member you can get a Verifyle Pro account free for one year by signing up at with your name and email address. Verifyle Pro offers many features, including unlimited digital signatures, PDF editing, and many additional security features to help keep your data out of the wrong hands.


Verifyle is led by the co-founder and inventor of Hotmail (Jack Smith), which spread to more than 500 million users and was many people’s first experience with email and the internet. Jack also had key roles with two other successful digital security companies.