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The Art of Pricing vs. The Science of Costing: How to Grow Your Business and Maximize Revenue by Paperless Parts

Zoom Webinar

Costing is about the many resources it takes your shop to make a part. Pricing is how much your customer and the market are willing to pay for that part. Too often, shops conflate these two and leave money on the table by not accurately thinking about their costing model, and not taking advantage of different pricing levers. Join Jeff Gorman of Paperless Parts as he walks you through key lessons for more accurate costing and maximizing margins.


Speaker: Jeff Gorman
Jeff joined the Paperless Parts team in 2020 and during his tenure has helped dozens of shops across the United States deploy and leverage Paperless Parts to streamline their quoting process, generate growth, and improve bottom-line profitability. In addition to his role on the Paperless team, he is a frequent contributor to the “The Job Shop Show”, a podcast series focused on helping shops implement the best practices required to scale their business.



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