We have been working on the skills gap issue for a couple of years.

This infographic from MSN careers shows that the issue of finding skilled workers is a global, not just U.S. and Canada problem.


Precision Machining openings are begging across the country- and were even at the peak of the 2009 Recession. Demographics are going to make finding skilled machinists an even more urgent management imperative.

Skills Gap Graphic

High schools aren’t graduating people with skills that can add value in your shop.

Lorain County Community College is!

LCCC Fab Lab- Year of the Dragon was a great CAM project for their students.

From my encounters in retail with recent graduates,  just making change without a cash register is a difficult task.

Let alone using the Pythagorean Theorem to control geometry, runout, and cosine error.

Four year college graduates lack the skills we need in our shops more often than not.

Nothing wrong with being able to quote Yeats, but does it pay as much as being able to set up and operate this equipment?

Yet we have openings for people with skills.

Last night, 26 Northern Ohio Chapter members of the PMPA attended an open house of the advanced manufacturing labs at Lorain County Community College:

  • CAD Lab
  • Fab Lab
  • CNC Machining Lab
  • Welding Lab
  • Computer Integrated Manfacturing Lab
  • Manual Machining Lab

Our attendees were impressed with the equipment; they were quite impressed by the instructors.

They were delighted to sense the confidence, understanding, and capability shown by the students at work in the labs.

We may not know where the entire skilled workforce for our precision industry will come from, but we know  some local programs where we can find some skilled technicians.

The Nord Advanced Technologies Center at LCCC.

And the Entrepreneurship Innovation Institute at LCCC.

Ryan at Change The Perception discovered this CNN video about Machining.

This isn't old time manufacturing!

Here’s the Video.
Ryan, thanks for sharing this video about the New Blue Collar. About how we make a difference by making things.
Thanks for your work to help our industry Change the Perception.
And  a tip of the hat to CNN Edition for this outstanding video.