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ITR Economics Report for PMPA – November 2020


Despite the uncertainty in the news cycle regarding the election, recounts, Covid-19, and the markets, many monthly economic indicators are rising in a positive direction.

PMPA’s latest Business Trends Report showed strong out-performance over Fed Industrial Production and Manufacturing output indicators. The latest ITR November 2020 Economic Report for the Precision Machining Industry marshals a host of facts about our markets to explain their positivity. “Empirical evidence made it clear that results were likely to surpass expectations for the industrial and consumer sectors… revising our expectations accordingly.” 

Of course, the caveat of a fall/winter flu season and shutdowns remains possible- but the “Empirical evidence” supports optimism at this point in time from the economic data. What are YOU doing to prepare your processes and performers for this rising trend?




The Institute for Trend Research (ITR) quarterly reports focus on major areas of economic growth and decline in key market segments for the Precision Machined Products Industry. They are provided to PMPA members as part of the association’s overall business intelligence program and are used as a management tool to help PMPA members plan for what lies ahead and which markets they should focus on in a complex manufacturing environment.